Applicators Overview

“Interpon PZ System” is a term used to describe a 2-coat system of powder finish over powder primer, where the powder primer is Interpon PZ, zinc filled epoxy powder, and the finish is an exterior durable polyester powder of a quality standard appropriate to the customer specification.

Interpon PZ 790 is a powder coating primer containing zinc which is designed to give enhanced corrosion protection of mild steel. Interpon PZ has been designed to be over coated with powder topcoats such as Interpon 610, Interpon D1036 or Interpon D2000. Interpon PZ 790 provides excellent protection against corrosion on the surface to which it is applied. However the efficiency of this protection depends on the surface, its preparation before coating and the topcoat applied.

For this reason, we have created a great network of coaters who have been tried and tested on their ability to apply Interpon PZ primers, to achieve the highest level of quality.