Opened in 1971 with a medical staff of just 41 and beds for 124 patients, Mission Hospital is now the largest medical centre in South Orange County. In 2007, it had over 700 physicians, around 300 beds and dealt with over 100,000 outpatient visits a year. The pressing need for increased capacity led, in 1990, to the building of the five-storey Patient Tower. 

Given the projected lifespan of the building, they opted for an ultra-durable coating. Clearly, looking at today’s building shining in the Californian sun, their hunch has paid off .  

Type of Building: Hospital

Architect: Bobrow / Thomas & Associates

Brand: Interpon D2000



Interpon D2000

These coatings are specially designed for the architectural and construction industry, and have been proven over a 20 year lifespan. They are mainly used on aluminium and galvanised steel, but can be used anywhere that attractive, durable colors are required.