Collection Futura 2014 -2017 Launched

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings has launched the fifth edition of Collection Futura – a unique range of special effect powder coatings marrying the latest design trends with the ultimate in superdurable protection for the architectural market.Collection Futura 2014 - 2017

Featuring 55 special effects, the new Interpon D2525 Collection Futura range is based on Interpon D2000 technology, which delivers long term performance, superior gloss retention, maximum film integrity and resistance to color change. Each product has been carefully assembled from multiple ingredients to achieve an unrivalled depth of finish. The result is a long life high durability surface that retains its appearance and requires minimal maintenance for many years to come.


Designed in collaboration with leading style and innovation consultants Peclers-Paris, the smooth, textured and metallic effects, represent the moods and social trends influencing contemporary architecture. Five distinct color palettes characterize the range and comprise the dense and pigmentary tones of Ex-Natura, the calm palette Sublimed, the bright highenergy tones of Bold Energy, the low-key gently faded Soft Industry and the intense shimmers and shot reflections of Explosive.

“This exciting new range is focussed on addressing the demands of the architectural market for a high quality powder coating that offers both superior protection and durability, in colors that enhance the built environment” said Russell Deane, Global Marketing Manager – Architectural. “The unique capabilities of our Interpon D2000 series will give users the confidence of cosmetic and functional protection for a longer time.”

“In addition”, added Christophe De Paepe, European Marketing & Specification Manager, “our network of Approved Applicators can offer world-leading warranties to back-up the product performance”.

With an unrivalled 22 year track record, Interpon D2000 series powder coatings were the first to be awarded the prestigious Qualicoat Class 2 approval for superdurable architectural powder coatings and conform to the requirements of all leading European and International standards including BS EN 12206, GSB Master and AAMA 2604-10. Where most powder coatings are designed to withstand an industry-standard 1 year weathering test in South Florida, these new colors pass a much tougher 5 year test, meaning in European climates a time to recoating of up to 40 years.